Due to “Load Shedding” & “Power Outage” in South Africa, there is an immediate need for any type of “Alternate Power”, of which “Solar Power” has become the “Alternate” Power source of choice. However, the term “ Off Grid”
Solar is a relative term!, which is often “Misrepresented” and the “Perception” created Being totally “Off the Grid” &
independent from the Electricity from the Grid; The term “Off Grid” represents a “inverter” which is not “Grid Tied” or dependent on the “Grid to be “Activated”. I does not mean “Off THE Grid”!!

“Off Grid” solely dependents on the “Capacity” of the “Battery Bank” being used and the ability to “Recharge” these
Batteries, via Grid/Solar Panel/Generator. In Layman’s terms, “Off Grid” period is limited to the above dependencies.

The above was the “reality” the Inventor Alex Bosch faced, when he was planning to build a 9kw “Off the Grid” Container for a customer. Not only was it extremely expensive, it required sufficient “roof space” for the installation of
Solar panels, in order to “recharge” such a system. The challenge, however, is that a container is limited to 6mx2,5m roof space on a 6m (20ft) Container or 12mx2,5m for a 12m (40ft) Container.

The above “challenges” led to the design and building of a “Unique Current Supply” (The Invention), which will NOT require Solar Panels and Expensive Lithium Battery banks to produce “Alternate Power”. Besides the above and the “local” challenges of “Loadshedding” & “Lack of Supply”. There is growing concern about the escalating price of electricity globally. 1 st World Countries have an an abundant supply of Electricity, however, it is becoming very expensive!! Not only does the “Unique Current Supply” address the challenges of “Short Supply” & “load shedding” of Electricity, in South Africa, but the Invention also addresses the Increasing tariffs of Electricity, the Global markets are experiencing. The Invention has the “potential” to service both the Local & Global markets, as the invention’s capabilities cater to such solutions in one machine.


Just imagine the possibilities of a “Unique Current Supply” which:

• Is a mobile system that does not require any “Solar Panels” with associated Installation costs & Sufficient Roofspace
• Does not Require Expensive “Lithium Ion” Batteries;
• A system, which, “Maintains” itself during “Load Shedding” and “delays” the extensive draining of “Battery bank” for many hours at a time.
• A system, which, when plugged into the “Grid”, produces savings of upto 90% of the current cost of electricity. This immediately has a “ripple” effect on the “Grid”, meaning that “90%” becomes available to other customers on the “Grid”.
• A system, which, does not need the “re wiring” of the Electrical Distribution board and “Splitting” circuits or replacing your geysers and electrical equipment to reduce load on the capacity of your home or business;
• A system which can accommodate 48v DC & Output of 220v & 380v AC .
• A sytem that can be “Up Scaled” or “Down Scaled” according to individual requirements.


As with any Invention, there are mechanisms in place from a “legal” perspective to Protect the Intellectual property of any Invention. There are “Traditional” ways via Registered Patents, Copywrite or Trademarks, of which each have their own challenges & limitations. As Technology, has Progressed, the need to protect “Intellectual Property” has become a “Global” concern, and making use of “Patents” would result in a “Patent” to be registered in each country or region in the world, where the Inventor anticipates their Invention & Intellectual Property to be distributed.
Not only is this time consuming, it has huge financial implications to have their “ Inventions” & “Intellectual Property”
Registered Globally via Patent and also exposes the “Blueprint” of the design,to be accessed by “anybody” who can just make a “few” changes and have it registered under their brand. At Unique Container Solutions(PTY)Ltd, we have adopted Global “Blockchain” technology to protect our “Unique Current Supply” System. As such we have “Timestamped” all documentation, designs, technical specifications, Photo’s and Video’s of the Protype. This through the Blockchain “Proof of Existence” (PoE), of which there are 27 different “Timestamp Certificates” on the Bitcoin/Ethereum & Aion Blockchains. These “ Timestamps”are Globally Accepted as “Proof of Existence”PoE , Which is Proof of “Ownership”, of the Intellectual Property, of the


• In “Power Saving” Mode, which means to plug “Grid Power” into the UCS system, the reduction of electricity Bill can be anything from 50% to 90%.
• The UCS system can be scaled from 20Amps/30Amps/40Amps/60Amps/90Amps/120Amps dependent on client requirement & Separate 48v only.
• If 12kw Inverter is being used, there is no need for “Appliance” Changes ie : Geyser,Kettles,Hairdryer,etc
• With the above size Inverter, the UCS
sytem can be installed at “Point of Entry” of main supply, thus will not need “Re wiring” or “Load Splitting” of Electrical Distribution.
• No need for Solar Panels or Battery Banks and Installation costs associated with such systems.
• UCS system has huge Potential for Global Markets where Electricity is extremely expensive.