The Unique Current Supply Invention which eliminates the need for solar panels, self-charged during load shedding and saves 50 to 90% on grid power. Electricity or the lack thereof has become a global crisis to those with ample supply, the rising costs are a burden to those where there is a lack of supply, and load shedding has resulted in the search for alternate energy solutions.  The Unique Current Supply for households is the solution of the future. Imagine every household generating their own power and in process their 50 to 90% saving becomes available for other users on the grid. Immediately this solution adds 50 to 90% to grid. 


Alex Bosch, the inventor of the Unique Current Supply UCS System has incorporated the best of alternate power solutions and grid power. The invention combines all efficiencies of grid power/solar power/UPS and inverters into one system which is called the Unique Currents Supply (UCS). A device when plugged into the grid generates power savings of up to 90% and if the grid power is lost it automatically switches over and becomes a self-charging power source which lasts many hours not needing any external power source.

This invention will change the current alternate energy solutions on the market and has the potential to eliminate the need for solar panels and the need to change appliances in the rewiring of electrical distribution boards. The Unique Current Supply has a selection of 12V, 24V and 48V. The prototype incorporates all 3 currents for demo purposes only.